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Search Services

On behalf of our clients we conduct qualified searches particularly in the fields of biotechnology, chemistry and pharmacy. Our work focusses on

To answer your inquieries, the scientifically qualified members of our team will set up search strategies according to your needs. We search commercial databases as well as internet databases if you require this.

We provide you with search results in a form that meets your requirements. Our search reports are spot on and consolidate the information provided in the way you need it. Of course, you can also obtain the crude information in electronic data form to read into your internal databases - provided any possible copyrights are safeguarded. We supply you with original documents retrieved by our searches at cost price.

The price of our searches depends on the amount of work involved and the technical costs. We don't sell searches "off the shelf" so we calculate the relevant prices individually. In order to get a non-binding estimate of the costs of your search, send us an email, call us (0049 761 383254), or send us a fax (0049 761 383269). Before conducting extensive searches, we offer you an advance search for a flat rate of EUR 300,-- plus VAT. Advance searches include the development of a search strategy, the latest documents found as well as a binding estimate of costs.

We assure you absolute confidentiality in processing your requests or orders. Please make sure not to send confidential information in an unencrypted email. You can send us PGP encrypted emails, and you can find our public PGP key here. Alternatively, you can use Cryptshare data exchange.